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Seller Advisory Services

Crown Capital Advisors provides financial advisory services to sellers of middle-market public and private companies in all types of sale transactions including:

  • Sales by entrepreneurs and the families of closely-held companies
  • Divestitures by private equity groups of portfolio companies
  • Divestitures by large public and private companies of subsidiaries and divisions

A Profile of our Method – Crown Capital Advisors’ practice is to work as an extension of the seller’s management, assuming primary responsibility for the execution of program developed. Our method of operation permits the direct presentation of the seller’s case to whatever prospects our research indicates have characteristics suitable to the identified objectives. From these, Crown delivers for the seller’s consideration a selection of qualified prospective buyers. In addition, Crown advises the seller during the negotiation process by evaluating alternative negotiating strategies. Crown’s assistance also includes structuring an appropriate transaction as well as preparing any business plans or other analytical work that may be required. On a more detailed basis, Crown’s program generally proceeds as outlined below.

In the initial stage, Crown Capital Advisors engages in discussions with the seller to bring objectivity, focus and organization to the sales process. Crown discusses the seller’s goals and objectives, alternative approaches to the transaction, issues that may arise during or as a result of the transaction, a time-line, and valuation ranges.

In the next stage, Crown work with the seller on the presentation to interested prospects of the activities and strength of the company. In the case of a sale or divestiture, Crown has found that an appropriate Information Memorandum is indispensable in providing prospective business buyers with enough information to allow them to determine whether or not they have any further interest. Preparation of this document involves:

  • A review of the business, operations, industry, competitors, and prospects for the seller’s company;
  • A review of the company’s historical financial statements and forecasts, adjusted to reflect any necessary changes in ownership or structure;
  • Interviews with key company personnel and a review of the management infrastructure;
  • A review of trends in the company’s current and anticipated markets, competition, and other such business and economic factors which may affect its realizable value;
  • Such additional analyses and investigations as may be deemed necessary in the circumstances.

Following this process/review, Crown indicates the range of values that might be expected in a sale or divestiture of the business.

The next phase of our program is the search. Crown’s practice is to base our efforts upon a variety of information sources. In most cases, the use of a combination of computerized databases and specialized trade sources has proven most effective. One of Crown principal strengths is a detailed and exhaustive knowledge of what sources of data are relevant to our work. Our search operates as a process of elimination moving from the general to the particular through a series of stages in which each successive stage involves increasingly detailed and complete data concerning an increasingly small number of business areas and companies. Crown has found this to be the only cost-effective and efficient method for reducing the initial prospect universe to a manageable number of specific prospective buyers having characteristics suitable to the seller’s objectives.

Crown then directly contacts senior executives of the prospect businesses that have survived our search and elimination process. Since Crown is already quite familiar with the seller’s industry and the types of prospective buyers which will result in a successful transaction, this effort produces a significant number of active candidates suitable to the seller’s objectives, and who are interested in discussing the transaction that the seller has in mind. Also, for the sake of completeness, the search includes a conventional approach to other sources of active prospects, such as investment banks, brokers, etc.

To maintain due discretion, Crown does not reveal the seller’s identity at the time of initial contact with a prospect business. Typically, it is revealed only after a senior executive of the prospect business has indicated an interest in pursuing the type of transaction that the seller has in mind and after a confidentiality agreement has been signed. Crown also limits the number of direct competitors that we contact and maintains a higher level of confidentiality with them.

As prospective buyers are identified, Crown handles the screening and preliminary evaluation of each and assist in the administrative and logistical aspects of keeping the negotiation process moving. During the course of this program, it is quite possible that independent of our efforts other companies or their representatives will contact you with an interest in an acquisition. To maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome, Crown handles the screening and preliminary evaluation of each contact or inquiry and assists in the administrative and logistical aspects of keeping the negotiating process moving. As required, Crown is prepared to advise the seller during the negotiating process by evaluating alternative negotiation strategies, possible offers and counter offers, and by helping you to structure the most appropriate transaction plan. At the proper time in the negotiation, Crown is also prepared to supervise and coordinate with the seller, the activities of the necessary lawyers and accountants.


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